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  • Hot summer gardening

    Whether you’re a true sun-worshipper or prefer things a little cooler, none of us can fail to notice the effects of this long, hot summer on the parks and gardens all around us. Normally lush, verdant lawns are now arid and dappled with brown patches—but don’t panic, they’ll recover once they’ve had a few good drinks in the autumn rain.

    Published at: 17-08-2017
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  • Plant hydration for containers

    Of all the plants in your garden, container-grown plants are among the most vulnerable. Restricted to the soil that is contained by their pots, their roots cannot branch out in search of more water or nutrients than is in their immediate vicinity. This means that the soil can easily end up dry and depleted unless you feed and water your containers well. The good news, however, is that if you give your container-grown plants just a little bit of TLC now, most summer annuals will keep flowering right through to autumn.

    Published at: 10-08-2017
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