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  • Choose the extendable hose: quality and safety. Yoyo by Fitt

    Making an informed choice of an extendable hose is a common issue for users.

    Published at: 28-04-2018
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  • Halloween fun with YOYO

    At last, it’s half term and children everywhere are getting excited about Halloween! It’s great fun to dress up in spooky costumes, go trick-or-treating or enjoy ghostly games—and I have some top tips to make this year’s celebrations extra special.

    Published at: 25-10-2017
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  • Eight Great Italian Inventions

    The Italians have long been among the world’s most ingenious and technologically advanced inventors. Let me tell you about eight of their best inventions and how, when it comes to innovative solutions, the Italians just keep on giving.

    Published at: 22-10-2017
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  • Cleaning with YOYO

    Say goodbye to the sunglasses and high-five your Mackintosh, the rainy season is now well and truly upon us. The kids still need their daily dose of fresh air, though, and the dog still needs a snaffle about the woods. All this can result in mud-caked wellington boots and a dirty, wet dog traipsing through the house, ruining whatever semblance of cleanliness you left behind. Of course, you can’t just cancel all outings until summer 2019! Research shows that nature walks lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve mood. So, what can you to do ensure a well-exercised and happy family, without the muddy aftermath?

    Published at: 24-09-2017
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  • Tips for cool wet autumn weather

    Protecting plants from weather variations is usually possible, though, with a bit of know-how.

    Published at: 17-09-2017
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