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  • The history of water transportation

    We often forget a time when water was not readily available because we are used to having running water at our fingertips — but this was not always the case. Nowadays, we’re spoilt with fresh running water in every household so let’s take a trip down memory lane to think about how our UK water transportation has come on leaps and bounds.

    Published at: 07-10-2019
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  • Camper holidays? The suggestions of YOYO by FIT for a perfect road escape!

    It’s now the time to jump on our beloved four-wheeled home and go for an adventure. A journey into nature, or camping by the beach: here is a list of items that will make your camper holiday safe and comfortable!

    Published at: 04-10-2019
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  • All one needs to know when taking on the sea!

    For most seasonal pleasure boat owners, sailing is the favourite summer activity. This is why in winter most of the boats that during the hotter months we see sailing on fresh and sea water spend their time in hibernation, moored at the docks, or in storage on a truck.

    Published at: 19-09-2019
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  • Five suggestions for the perfect lawn

    With proper care, a simple lawn can be the star of our days outdoor. By following a few simple steps, we can all have a lawn that will be the envy of the neighbourhood, turning our garden into the perfect backdrop for exclusive “Garden parties”.

    Published at: 11-09-2019
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  • The best tools for the garden

    Just as water is fundamental for the growth of plants, in the same way a good set of garden tools is the perfect ally for those who love to take care of their green corner.

    Published at: 28-08-2019
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  • Ornamental vegetable garden: the beauty of garden vegetables

    If in the ornamental garden attention to the decorating element is the main rule in all the activities - from plant selection to pruning - vegetable gardens are often treated as simple patches of land for the production of vegetables.

    Published at: 01-08-2019
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