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Packaging complete with reclosable bag, Premium multi spray gun and tap support holder. 
Lengths available: 10 m, 18 m, 30 m.

Product Details:

Whether you are a lover of the garden, cycling, camper vans or yacht life, after using YOYO, you can simply store it away in the practical bag provided and take it wherever you like. Or, thanks to the practical and unique design of the support holder, you can hang it on the tap, on the balcony railing or wherever you prefer. In the bag you will also find the Premium multi spray gun with its ergonomic, non-slip pistol grip.

YOYO BAG is a complete and ready-to-use system! In the pack, you will find everything you need to water or wash:

- Extendable hose

- Premium multi spray gun with its ergonomic, non-slip pistol grip

- Fittings with Aquastop

- Tap connector

- YOYO support holder

You can choose among the following lengths according to your needs:

10m recommended for terraces or balconies, for indoor use and for all needs in very small spaces;

18m optimal for small gardens, patios and outdoor areas, suitable for tight spaces;

30m suitable for larger gardens, care of vegetable gardens and long distances in large spaces.

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As low as £39.90
As low as £39.90