YOYO by FITT: the solution for all needs!
Published at: 15-11-2019

Light, compact and easy to handle. The expandable hose YOYO by FITT is the tool that makes an easy task of those demanding (but gratifying) days spent sowing, pruning and taking care of your own little oasis.

A product that becomes more and more versatile, thanks to the YOYO support holder, the practical accessory used to hang YOYO to taps, balcony railings, branches and fences. A support that with its unique design always makes the hose look neat and tidy. After every use, just a few simple actions are enough to store it in and orderly manner. With the hook you can always have your YOYO at your fingertips.

And why not make sure that the garden is always flourishing and looking nice, even when space is at a premium?

By attaching the support to the balcony railing or the garden fence, you can keep YOYO clean and protected. In this way, no corner of your little personal heaven will have to be sacrificed to the storage of watering equipment.

Easy to carry: all the accessories of YOYO by FITT

YOYO is the complete system ready for use that has taken the gardening and domestic cleaning world by storm. Each YOYO pack contains all that is needed to water or wash: in addition to the innovative hose that extends and retracts with the passage of water, the pack also contains a multi-jet spray gun, fittings with Aquastop to double the extension of YOYO whilst avoiding water leaks, and a tap connector for all taps, inside and outside the home.

And there are also several solutions to store and transport your equipment: YOYO BAG is for example the practical bag with handle and zip, to store and transport YOYO after each use.

And if travelling around is your passion and you are looking for maximum practicality, YOYO GO comes with a handy backpack, large and at the same time easy to handle. The ideal solution for storing and taking your YOYO with you in a neat and practical way.

While camping or on a boat, in the garden or the garage, YOYO by FITT offers a solution for every need!