Time to give your house plants a spring clean
Published at: 15-05-2019

Beautiful, green and exotic: plants are a necessary furnishing complement for improving the look of our indoor space.  But anyone who keeps house plants is well aware that indoor gardening requires regular maintenance work, which indeed starts with the cleaning of our green possessions. Like everything else, plants also gather dusts, and differently from those growing outdoors house plants require regular “dusting”.

In addition to being unsightly, dust deposits on leaves also have a negative impact on the health of our plants: they are an obstacle to photosynthesis, therefore making our plants more vulnerable to attack from fungi and parasites, such as bugs. This means that in order to keep them always looking good and healthy, our plants must be dusted regularly.

How to clean our plants

The arrival of spring marks the “holiday” period for our plants, after spending the winter months indoor. With the increase of temperatures, our guests can be moved for a short period to a shady area of our garden or terrace. After this, cleaning can start.

An efficient way to remove those detrimental dust particles is to use a microfiber cloth dampened with water. Simply gently go through the leaves one by one, checking for disease or parasites, which must then be treated with specific products.

Plants will also regularly need actual water showers, which in addition to removing any dust from leaves and stems will also restore the correct vital humidity levels, and help them to breathe better. For this, we recommend to use the softest setting of our YOYO by FITT multi spray gun, a low intensity rain jet that will gently clean your greenery without damage.

And just like us, after a shower plants also require a few precautions:

  • leave them to dry outdoor, away from direct sunlight and air currents; to prevent the water from settling on the roots
  • make sure not to wet the soil excessively, concentrating mainly on the growth.

Being particularly sensitive to excess water, succulents, cactuses and bonsais may be cleaned by only misting a little water directly on the leaves.