The summer garden: what to sow in spring with the help of YOYO by FITT
Published at: 22-05-2019

Ornamental, edible and flower plants and herbs: in spring our garden can be filled with many plants! All different and colourful.

At this time of the year, gardening and sowing are made easier by the warmer temperatures of the season. Sowing flower plants is certainly the best way to surround ourselves with an array of colours and scents during the summer months. Laziness or lack of time often mean that we end up buying small plants already in flower, ready for transplanting. But it could be a lot more satisfying to have a go at sowing different varieties of plants in our garden.

What can we sow at this time of the year?

The process for the decoration of our green space will start with the raw materials for our seasonal nursery.

April and may are perfect for sowing flowering plants like zinnia, marigold and celosia. Gardens and terraces can be dressed with colourful sweet peas, enhanced by the red and orange hues of nasturtiums, or brought to life by the unmistakeable scent of basil and the intense blue colour of nigella and cornflower.

But this is not only the time for getting the ornamental garden ready: it’s also the ideal season for sowing vegetables! Tomatoes, cabbage, salad, pumpkins and courgettes: all varieties that can be sown directly in their permanent locations, although for some delicate varieties a few domestic tricks will go a long way in helping germination.

DIY germination: the Scottex method

A variant of the more traditional germination method is the Scottex method. When compared with soil sowing, its advantage is that seeds are always visible, which means that the process can be constantly monitored, without having to wait for the seedlings to sprout from the ground.

After purchasing or harvesting the seeds, just follow a few steps to ensure success:

  • Place the seeds on a damp paper kitchen towel
  • Cover with another towel and place in a sealed freezer plastic bag, so that the humidity inside can help establish the correct microclimate
  • To facilitate the process, place the bag for one or two days inside the oven, obviously off, but with the light on (reaching a temperature of 29 °C)

After 7 to 10 days inside the bag, the seeds will have germinated and will be ready to be potted in soil, either indoor, or outdoor, depending on the outside temperature.

After this, flowering will depend on correct watering

With new seedlings, it’s always best to water using a gentle shower setting: with YOYO by FITT and its multi spray gun, it’s always possible to adjust the water intensity.

A small precaution that will help you achieve success with your sowing!