The history of water transportation
Published at: 07-10-2019

We often forget a time when water was not readily available because we are used to having running water at our fingertips — but this was not always the case. Nowadays, we’re spoilt with fresh running water in every household so let’s take a trip down memory lane to think about how our UK water transportation has come on leaps and bounds.

According to myth, the first ever hose was one made out of Ox’s intestines by the Ancient Greeks but since then they have been developed using synthetic materials; carrying water through stitching material together — you can imagine how watertight this must have been. Such designs were invented as practical fire hoses in 1673 and it wouldn’t be for another couple of hundred years that the watering can would be invented as an alternative to ‘watering pots’ which were supposedly used from as early as the 79AD!

We use this vital supply to keep our garden looking fresh and thriving. Using the same supply as in our home to attach our hoses and this water is completely safe to use for plants, though ericaceous plants that don’t like alkaline may yellow on the leaves if watered like this long term. Traditionally, garden hoses are made from plastic and can include toxins. However, the hose YOYO by FITT is made free of phthalates and PVC, holding certificates for the safe passage of drinking water, avoiding heavy metals or other dangerous substances.

Hoses have grown in popularity as their practical approach to everyday water transportation became known. Variations of the traditional garden hose have now been developed further using cutting-edge technology so there are hoses created for a multitude of purposes—but there is only one hose that does it all.

YOYO by FITT is the latest addition in the story of water transportation advances across the Europe. Functioning on every level providing everyday watering support, it can be easily stored, is anti-kink, durable and does not leak — miles apart from the original design in the 17th Century. This hose is making history of its own with a design that is fully extendable and connectors which can be easily replaced.  With a 5-year guarantee, it really is an all-in-one solution so it’s hard to imagine a world before this hose existed but count yourself lucky that you were around when the YOYO hose ruled the waterways.