Springtime and maintaining your terrace with YOYO by FITT
Published at: 29-03-2019

From cleaning spaces that weren’t used all winter to buying soil for new seedlings and pruning flowers and plants already planted in the garden: March is a crucial month for gardening work on terraces, balconies and small outside spaces. As the Springtime draws in, the foundations are laid for the flowering in following months.

The month of March is the ideal time to revive outdoor spaces. Before we start thinking about which plants and flowers will enliven our days spent out in the open, we need to take care of the everyday maintenance of our green spaces!

What do we need to do?

The first thing to do is to remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the winter months, cleaning up leaves and dry twigs. After that we can start pruning shrubs, graminaceous plants and roses.

If the March climate is particularly mild, you can also start planting the first seeds! Summer flowering bulbs can be planted, such as gladioli, dahlias and begonias. These will flower during the warmer months, whilst tulips and narcissus will start opening at the start of Spring.

Reach everywhere with YOYO by FITT: the extendible hose that adapts to every situation!

One of the most frequent problems on terraces and balconies is the appearance of marks and stains caused by winter weather. To deep clean outdoor paving, whether in stone, tile or terracotta, you can rely on YOYO for help, the manageable and light hose complete with fitting and multi-spray gun.

The jet modulation feature (the powerful jet) can be useful in removing stains caused by the rain. It allows you to remove accumulated dirt thanks to its increased pressure. The ability to regulate the water flow using the upper lever makes YOYO suitable for any needs. The powerful jet can even be used to remove moss from plant pots.

In addition, thanks to the double male fitting, reaching every corner of the terrace is no longer a problem. The double male fitting allows you to connect at least two YOYO hoses together to achieve an overall length of up 60 metres.