How vertical gardens can improve our daily lives. In 10 points.
Published at: 23-12-2016

Living spaces in cities tend to be very small and confined, so city dwellers are forced to sacrifice many amenities – to begin with, a garden.

However, a new ‘green’ trend has emerged: vertical gardens. Wherever there is a chronic lack of space, the vertical garden fulfils the need to have a small domestic haven in which to enjoy peace and relaxation.

What are the advantages of a domestic vertical garden (or, perhaps, a vertical vegetable garden)? How can we take care of it? But, above all, what are vertical gardens? Continue reading and discover how a household green patch can improve your health.

Vertical gardens, when lack of space turns into an advantage

So then, what are vertical gardens? A vertical garden is a green composition combining flowersplants and herbs that extends vertically, along a structure that exploits one or more walls inside or outside a building (apartments, offices, shops, buildings, restaurants, receptions, etc.). Vertical garden solutions can also be located indoors or in small spaces such as balconies, where a vertical vegetable garden can be arranged in a short time.

Solutions of this type are found all over the world, and some fine examples are now regarded as cornerstones of world architecture: these include the Musée du quai Branly in Paris, the Caixa Forum Art Museum in Madrid, the Espaço Espelho d’Água in Lisbon and the Israeli pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015, just to name the most prominent creations.

In a previous article (link to Can an extendable garden hose turn into a design object?), we discussed some of the positive effects that flowers and plants can have in our daily life:

  • they improve our psycho-physical well-being
  • they regulate the microclimate
  • they provide acoustic and visual insulation
  • they reduce the level of fine particles
  • they reduce stress and anxiety

They also have further advantages:

  • they improve the quality of the air by producing oxygen and limiting carbon dioxide levels
  • they reduce energy consumption linked to the use of air conditioners
  • they improve the visual impact of buildings
  • they enhance sustainability and improve the environmental impact
  • they hinder the propagation of fire
  • they have proven healing properties

Vertical gardens produce numerous and important advantages. They improve the quality of life. With little effort, we can – in our own small way – recreate a household green corner on a balcony, a terrace or a small wall.

Compact spaces, intelligent solutions: YOYO, the extendable hose ideal for use in vertical gardens and household green patches

Vertical gardens are not only decorative and relaxing. They are an intelligent choice, capable of bringing a portion of nature to environments where pollution is constantly on the rise and green areas are disappearing.

To preserve the beauty and good condition of these green solutions, they must receive the necessary care, starting from water – a precious and essential element.

To water balconies, terraces, courtyards and household green corners, the ideal solution is to use a compactresistant and space-saving hose that is easy to store but can stretch as required.

YOYO is the soft red extendable hose (link to page) that is easy to windcarry and store. A revolutionary multi-purpose hose for watering in compact spaces, such as terraces, and for all situations requiring ease of usecompactness and practicality.

YOYO is an innovative red system for watering purposes:

  • compact and space-saving: once emptied, the hose quickly shrinks without taking up space
  • available in various sizes (8 m, 15 m, 20 m, 30 m)
  • it stretches to roughly twice its length when filled with water at the residential pressure (3 bar)
  • withstands sudden temperature changes (from –10°C to +50°C)
  • lightweight like a yarn of wool, easy to handle
  • it prevents the formation of knots and coils that make watering operations cumbersome
  • robust, resistant and durable

From vertical gardens to YOYO, the red extendable hose: plenty of innovation packed into a small space

Vertical gardens – a major trend in recent years – are creative and ingenious solutions designed to overcome the chronic lack of space in homes and apartments, especially in cities.

Besides offering a colourful and original visual spectacle, these green areas offer several benefits for our health, ensure a fair degree of energy saving and mark a giant leap forward in terms of environmental sustainability.

In order to care for our household plants we need effective and intelligent tools like YOYO, the red extendable hose that stretches and shrinks on its own.

Easy to handle and capable of adapting to extremely compact spaces, YOYO is the red hose that allows for comfortably watering flowers and plants because it stretches when filled with water but occupies very little space once stored away.

Are you looking for a practical and effective solution to take care of your household green patch? Contact us for further information on YOYO, the innovative red hose that has revolutionised the gardening world.