How to easily and quickly repair YOYO by FITT
Published at: 04-07-2019

An example? Prickly edging.

There are many ornamental plants with thorns that can be used as garden edging, making our garden really difficult to access by both animals and intruders.

There are a great number of small and medium size shrubs suitable for this purpose, from Berberis, with its purple red foliage, to the more common Pyracantha, which fills with orange berries every autumn, to sea buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides).

The prickly list also includes holly, common hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), traditional bush roses, and what is may be the less known variety of trifoliate orange: Poncirus trifoliata, not accessible to everyone.

The sizes of the thorns on some of these plants make them as difficult to tackle as barbed wire!

And when planting such type of hedging, it is important that some measures are taken to protect our watering hose. When watering nearby prickly branches we must pay attention not to drag the hose too close to the thorns at the base of the plant.

In the worst case scenario, your watering hose may be punctured, and therefore damaged by the thorns. But there is a solution to this problem: the YOYO hose repairer, specifically conceived for repairing your YOYO at any point of its length!

This is how

  • Using scissors, remove the section affected by the damage
  • Connect the two resulting lengths of good hose on either side of the cut section using the YOYO hose repairer, which consists of 5 different components
  • To do this, unscrew one of the black fitting ring nuts and slip it on one of the hose lengths. Attach one of the white components to the end of the hose length, with the prongs facing out.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the other hose length using the other black fitting ring nut and white component. Lastly join the two with the double connection fitting

Tighten the two ring nuts to the double connection fitting and you will have a new YOYO ready for use!