Greenhouses – how to ensure plants and flowers survive the winter
Published at: 12-01-2017

Greenhouses are the ideal way to protect your plants during the cold winter months.

Structures of various sizes provide shelter for plants, flowers and vegetables and even let you optimize small spaces in your flat, like terraces and balconies. Greenhouses alone, however, are not enough to keep your plants healthy – you also need an effective watering system.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of greenhouses and the importance of choosing an extendable, practical and handy watering hose.

YOYO, the innovative red watering system – in winter too.

Even with just a few square metres, greenhouses make summer last all year

If you love gardening, you know that – especially at this time of year –greenhouses are the only way to extend the harvesting season of your favourite vegetables or grow plants that would otherwise not survive. The main purpose of greenhouses is to maintain a constant climate, regardless of exterior temperature changes.

Structures of various shapes and sizes that are either fixed or movable, and can be dismantled in just a few minutes, are available on the market.

Some structures can be placed in the garden, while others are intended for balconies and terraces, letting you take advantage of small spaces (to learn more about taking advantage of small spaces and the benefits of having a home garden, read the article 10 ways vertical gardens improve our daily lives).

If you love plants and flowers, you can count on greenhouses to protect your most delicate plants during the coldest months. If you’re a fan of vegetable gardening, on the other hand, you already know that there are plants perfect for growing in greenhouses, like spinach, radishes, parsley, red winter radicchio, lettuce, basil, herbs, strawberries and tomatoes.

Whether your greenhouse is in the garden or on the balcony, you will need to water your plants frequently due to the constant temperature and lack of natural precipitation.

How can you quickly water the plants in your greenhouse?

Even in the coldest months, plants require consistent watering to live and take full advantage of the thermal protection offered by a greenhouse.

For gardens, as well as balconies and terraces where it is necessary to optimize space, the ideal solution is an extendable watering hose that is compact, durable, space-saving and easy to put away, but extends when needed.

An extendable, multi-use hose is necessary for watering small spaces and in any situation that requires a compact, practical and easy-to-use hose.

Care for your plants in the greenhouse with YOYO, the extendable watering hose

An ally for your green thumb, greenhouses protect the most delicate plants from the cold during the winter months and ensure a good production of vegetables all year. In addition, thanks to easy-to-assemble and move modular structures, greenhouses are the perfect solution to the chronic shortage of space in city flats.

Even though the greenhouse protects against temperature changes, plants need to be watered and irrigation systems, which can be quite affordable, are the best solution.

YOYO and the innovative red watering system will help you keep the plants and vegetables in your greenhouses healthy.

To take care of your plants, you can use YOYO, the extendable garden hose that extends and retracts by itself. Easy-to-handle and adaptable to small spaces, YOYO is the red hose that lets you conveniently water plants and flowers because it extends when water passes through it but occupies very little space when stored.

Would you like to know where to find the best extendable watering hose to care for the plants in your greenhouse? Contact us for more information on YOYO, the red system that has won multiple awards and revolutionized the world of gardening.