Green inspirations from Italian garden design
Published at: 24-07-2019

Think of Italian gardens and your mind probably conjures images of blue skies, sunbaked courtyards, and long, lazy lunches under vine-covered pergolas. And just like in every good Mediterranean garden design, the key ingredients are light, warmth, simplicity and relaxation. The features of an Italian garden can be diverse but the main hard landscape materials that are used in abundance in every garden are natural stone, marble, concrete and ceramics along with formally pruned evergreen shrubs and small trees.

In the steady warm climate and depleted, stony alkaline soils found in coastal regions of Italy, you’ll find olive trees as well the signature plants of the Med such as lavender, rosemary and other aromatic herbs like fennel and chives which are used in many authentic Italian recipes. In the late 15th Century, a new design style emerged in Italy that was called the Italian Renaissance. This classical style became popular in gardens too and could be found at the large villas in Rome and Florence where it was created as a place to think, relax and escape.

The ancient Romans that made these gardens saw water not just as a necessity of life but a thing of beauty and installed formal still pools, elaborate tiered creations running between terraces or bubbling basins surrounded by fountains to give visitors a wonderful surprise. As well as designing great gardens the Romans also understood the importance of water in the garden for plants to thrive and also for the well being of their livestock. For the sake of maintaining our green and pleasant gardens, we need to adopt the Roman’s style of waste not want not. The expandable YOYO by FITT will help you do just that as it allows you to give a controlled delivery where it’s needed. The advice from early Roman gardeners is that it’s best to water in the cool of the evening or first thing in the morning.

The YOYO by FITT hose rests coiled up and can be kept close to hand, hidden in a plant pot, ready to drench the soil when planting. On hot, humid summer nights, you can also use the hose to spray over pond water to break the surface and improve oxygen levels for fish living in the water. This hose has so many uses and it’s the perfect accessory to your beautiful Italian-inspired garden.