Garden water features
Published at: 31-07-2019

Even the smallest garden has space for a water feature – they’re fun, eco-friendly and needn’t cost the earth! A simple birdbath is a great way to attract wildlife, providing vital drinking water for visiting garden birds and insects. You won’t need to splash much cash to create a lovely garden water feature – an old Belfast sink, half barrel or even a very large terracotta pot can become a miniature pond, with a little bit of easy DIY. Choose your container and block up any holes with a waterproof sealant to prevent leaks. Pick the perfect location to site your mini pond – you’ll need an electricity supply for the pump, whether this is mains or from a small solar panel. Now you’re ready to fill up your pond, using your handy YOYO by FITT and then add some oxygenating plants - maybe even a couple of fish! 

If your kids are little and try going for a paddle in a pond, why not get a water splash or basin fountain, instead? You can buy these child-friendly water features ready-made from your local garden centre or build your own. Use rocks or large pebbles to fill a large watertight container or dig a shallow hole and line it with a pre-cast or butyl liner to make a basin to hold the water, before carefully placing the rocks and pebbles. If your garden’s large enough, a stream is a brilliant idea. It only needs to be very shallow, but watching the water flowing downstream, around rocks and under bridges made from logs or driftwood adds a lovely natural element to your garden.

If you want maximum bang for your buck, you won’t do better than a fountain. With so many styles to choose from, I’ve put together a guide to choosing what suits your space. A mix of the luxury and comfort of an outside pool with the elegance and beauty of a natural pond, swimming ponds house vegetative growth that make sure the water is kept crystal clear and clean enough to swim in but will also support your gardens ecosystem too.

It’s a wonder to have the trickling sound of water in the background. Plus, an ample water supply will invite new insects and mammals into your plot to act like your own personal pest control and this in turn will see you blooms boom with growth.