Furnishing with plants and YOYO by FITT to create an Urban Jungle inside the home
Published at: 30-04-2019

Apartments like small urban jungles: a real global trend developed in just a few years by the Urban Jungle Bloggers community, which on Instagram has over 800 thousand followers. According to its founders, the movement fulfils a metropolitan desire for contact with nature.

And if space is limited and there is no terrace, why not give to your little green corner the freedom to grow within the house walls?

Scrolling through the 2 million photos of homes published, it is impossible not to notice great creative personalities. From the suggestive pictures of pots attached to the ceiling, to plants suspended above the bath tub: all images capable of causing curiosity for the green world, together with admiration for the aesthetic value of spaces furnished with so much greenery.

So, let your plants go free: everywhere!

In the bathroom and kitchen, in the entrance hall and near windows, where they will be able to flourish, turning apartments into actual domestic jungles. In very bright environments the possibilities of growing plants are endless. But even with less light it is possible to choose species suitable for darker places, such as Zamioculcas zamilifolia, which only needs little light to grow, fully adapting to homes where sun is at a premium.

What matters is that we do our best for our own little jungle, establishing the correct micro-climate for growth. A few precautions are all that is needed. Yes to light, but never direct sunlight, as it could lead to scorched leaves. To avoid this, white curtains can be perfect. Many apartment plants require a good amount of humidity. Always make sure that your small green corner has the right amount of water.

With YOYO by FITT you can water your plants safely even inside your home.

With the YOYO fitting with the special aquastop device, releasing the gun will automatically stop the water flow. Water, wash and mist spray in every room of the house: its universal coupler can be used with all kinds of taps!