Camper holidays? The suggestions of YOYO by FIT for a perfect road escape!
Published at: 04-10-2019

It’s now the time to jump on our beloved four-wheeled home and go for an adventure. A journey into nature, or camping by the beach: here is a list of items that will make your camper holiday safe and comfortable!

Neapolitan or French, while camping, a coffee maker is a must for a pleasant start of the day amidst nature. And a fleece blanket or a sleeping bag will be invaluable for the many evenings spent under the stars, while binoculars and a camouflage jacket will be the perfect allies for a spot of birdwatching. Lastly, a good Swiss army knife will soon become your most important possession during your journey. This small multipurpose tool is just as useful in the kitchen as it is outdoors.

And if you are travelling with children, don’t forget that simple does it: with the help of some floating toy fish, even a simple bath will become a true adventure for our little explorers! While your YOYO BAG can be a place to store toys, trowels and books.

And for some grown-up fun, don’t forget a card deck and some board games. Folding chairs and a barbecue can turn a camping evening into a great party among friends.

To reduce as much as possible the impact of your camper holiday, make sure to choose reusable objects made of wood and aluminium, rather than relying on disposable plastic items.

Camper maintenance

Before going on your journey, make sure that you carry out a thorough maintenance and check of your camper! Particularly after a long period of inactivity, a general check will make sure that there will not be bad surprises to spoil your holidays.

And while the most critical assessments on tyres, engine and lights should always be carried out by experts, you can certainly tackle other regular maintenance activities all by yourself! These will include for example a water system check (water taps and drains), and interior and exterior cleaning.

And if you love your holidays by the seaside, don’t forget to wash your camper to remove any salt, using YOYO by FITT, paying particular attention to door and window hinges: sea salt can in fact penetrate the seals and cause the oxidation of the metal components, leading to faults.

Have you noted everything down?

Good! All you have to do now is to decide the destination for your next road trip.