Bring with you YOYO on holiday
Published at: 17-07-2019

There’s nothing like sleeping in the great outdoors, so close to mother nature. Whether it’s feeling the ground beneath your back, star gazing from a tent to roasting marshmallows on a campsite, YOYO by FITT has the right product for any holiday.

When thinking about the perfect spot to pitch your tent, the more rural the better. This is the way nature intended to really experience the great outdoors. There’s so much for the family to participate in, from wild insect scavenging, den building and bird spotting what better way to get the kids away from their screens this summer.

Lings meadow campsite is a beautiful rural environment full of natural wildflower wonder. So, pitch up for the perfect picnic spot. I know no family holiday would be complete without the addition of the waggy tailed member of the pack. Exploring the natural sights and walking through woodlands are all part of the joy of a country holiday with man’s best friend.

Before you set off on your voyage into the great unknown, it’s always good to know your means of travel is in tip top condition. To keep them clean, I recommend using your hose as part of the YOYO GO pack by FITT. Compact & tidy in a handy drawstring bag, this is great when there’s not always the most space available, so packing to a minimal is essential. With the added tap connector, you can easily fit it to campsite amenities, your motor home or even on a boating holiday.

Made from 100% recyclable material, you don’t have to worry about getting tied up in knots. Unlike plastic, this lightweight material keeps the water pumping through. Using lukewarm water, you can lightly wipe away grime. Using the YOYO multi spray gun on the powerful jet setting you can get your vessel looking sparkly clean once more and truly enjoy a canopy under the stars.

Of course, what better way to get right into nature, than to travel along it on a narrowboat. Boating holidays are very popular in the UK and it’s not hard to see why. Travelling at a slower pace of life, you can unwind as you gently glide along the water. When filling up your water tank at the mains, there can be a queue in high season, so you’ll need a product that’s ready to go and easy to use  YOYO by FITT is the clear choice.