Barefoot on the terrace: suggestions for enjoying the outside space to the fullest
Published at: 05-06-2019

Those lucky enough to have a balcony or a terrace can now let their imagination run wild!

Not only plants, but also decorating accessories, like furniture, deck chairs, pergolas, and even lights and mirrors, can find their place outside and become real complements that will help you to enjoy your outside space to the fullest. In this way, a part of the house often unused can become a design space that complements our home!

Pots, chairs, tables, sofas, lampshades, and even rugs, can be combined to make our terrace an enjoyable space. And just like inside our home, also outside the first rule is to let ourselves be driven by our own instinct and personal taste: a home space must first of all express the personality of those living in it.

With this in mind, the suggestion of garden designers is to choose a style that reflects the interiors. This is to ensure harmonious relationships between inside and outside, and avoid unsightly combinations.

Furnishing with rugs or artificial grass

Beautiful raffia rugs of different colours or creative artificial grass compositions can replace boring tiles and create a comfortable space where to work, spend time with friends, or simply enjoy a nice outdoor breakfast while feeling the grass on your feet.

Some artificial grass combines the practicality of the synthetic strands (no need for specific care, and virtually endless cutting and combination possibilities) with excellent visual results. Artificial grass is also the ideal solution for a little bit of green on shady terraces and balconies, and where no real lawn would actually grow.


Practicality is also a great advantage of these furnishing elements when thinking about cleaning: a blower, or even a simple broom, will help to get rid of months of dust, soil and leaves that may have gathered on the terrace during the winter months.

This can simply be followed by rinsing your artificial grass or coloured raffia rug with a strong and powerful water spray using our practical YOYO by FITT multi spray gun.

All that it’s then left is to let it dry naturally under the sun, possibly on a windy day!