April and the new systems: beauty rituals for your terrace with YOYO by FITT
Published at: 24-04-2019

April is the month when gardens and nurseries come back to life, with an array of creative ideas for true green lovers. But like any living being, plants need the right nutrients in order to grow well, develop a strong root system and flower. The period when plants come out of their dormant season and restart to grow is not only the right time for new purchases, but also to prepare the soil that will become their home. Therefore: appropriate watering and correct fertilization.

And the selection of plants available is outstanding: spring is the time for colourful terraces and luxuriant green corners. From the intense purplish red of Fritillaria meleagris, to the delicate white carnations, to the changing green of Salvia argentea: this is the season for experimenting, playing with infinite combinations of colours, textures and shapes.

April is the ideal month to plant lilacs, the many varieties of spiraeas, climbing clematis and philadelphus, which will flower from May onwards.

A well-prepared soil is most of all a well-watered soil!

Good watering is very useful to get the soil ready for receiving the nutrients that will be provided by fertilisers. Therefore, when planning to apply fertiliser, make sure to water at least one day before. This will allow the nutrients to be evenly absorbed, a great advantage for the roots of young plants.

This is even more important when using granular slow release fertilisers, which will release nutrients every time the soil is watered, extending the benefits to the whole season.

And irrespective of the type of fertiliser, organic or mineral, liquid, powder or granules, just a few precautions can help us to efficiently take care of our young plants. For example, always make sure that the fertiliser is not too close to the plant collar, as it could burn them.

The delicate planting procedure, either in pots or in the ground, requires regular watering, which soon becomes a perfect ally for our plants. By adjusting the intensity of the water, with the practical YOYO multi spray gun it will be possible to obtain a gentle shower spray, the most suited to new plants and seed.