Allergies season: what can you do? Water with YOYO!
Published at: 10-04-2019

In springtime there is an intense release of pollen. There is even a “pollen count” based on the concentration of pollen in the air at certain times of year. March and April are the two months in which there is an explosion of allergic reactions caused by many different plants, such as birch and hazelnut trees for example.

Those with a garden or terrace can reduce the amount of pollen in the air by planting trees that employ entomophilous (pollen is carried by insects) rather than anemophilous (pollen is carried by the wind) pollination. This will lead to less pollen in the air and these pollens are also less allergenic.

You could also choose to plant trees and plants that don’t produce pollen at all... Here are some examples: There are many species of dioecious plants, including some with feminine flowers. Gardens designed and planted in this way not only have a decorative element, but will also allow people with allergies to enjoy their outdoor spaces. In the event of a garden or terrace that has already been planted, we can still limit the pollen emissions of existing greenery by pruning - especially just before flowering in some cases.

In springtime, Cupressaceae and Taxaceae, such as the male Taxus baccata in this case, release large amounts of very large pollen particles. These are so big that you can see them with the naked eye. In this specific instance you should irrigate with water and wash the area around the tree as best as you can to lower the volatility of pollen in the atmosphere.

YOYO by FITT is a light, compact and manageable hose that can help in situations like this.

The hose is fitted with a connector and multi spray gun. To clean outdoor terrace paving the best option is the powerful jet, which washes away all the pollen and dust from the paving.

But it’s not enough just to wash the floor! In order to drastically reduce the amount of pollen, you should also liberally sprinkle and water any shrubs in pots on the terrace. The shower jet is the best option for this operation. In this instance as well, the pollen will end up on the ground rather than being released into the air.

In addition to choosing the type of jet, the gun also allows you to control the water flow using the convenient upper lever. This allows you to adjust the water flow based on the needs of different plants, from stronger ones to lighter ones with small, delicate leaves.